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Jack left the army in 1948 and enrolled in drama school in Los Angeles. In 1950, he did his first professional work as an actor, in a play based on a WWII incident.

Jack came to the immediate attention of an agent, who helped him book gigs in very early television, so early (and so corny) he has forgotten the names of the shows, or perhaps deliberately put them out of his mind.

Nonetheless, Jack continued working in these early shows and in plays until 1955, when he went to New York. For the next six years, Jack was a busy actor assaying roles during the glory days of TV, in shows such as Robert Montgomery Presents, Armstrong Circle Theatre, and Studio One. He also appeared in several soaps, such as the forever-running "As the World Turns" and "The Guiding Light."

Jack performed in many plays in off-Broadway theaters, which were becoming the venue for many important playwrights. He also did scores of plays at summer stock and regional theaters at that time.

Jack was about to break into the area of top Broadway productions, when his then-70 year old father begged him to return to Los Angeles to attend his second wedding. Pulled by the nose , by common emotional strings, Jack left New York for L.A., determined to spend no more than a month, and to return to New York to resume his promising career.

A funny thing then happened in L.A. during that first month. Through industry friends, Jack did several TV shows such as "Line Up"(which becam
"Streets of San Francisco", "Highway Patrol", and "The Donna Reed Show." The amount of money he made from each of the shows, compared to his earnings from theater and live TV, absolutely corrupted him.

Without good counsel, Jack stayed in Los Angeles to continue to work TV and feature films. No one advised him that to hit it big on Broadway was an open door to a top drawer, star basis.

So, Jack continued to do journeyman work on TV and in features, eventually working up to guest star and co-star status, as on Star Trek "The Enterprise Incident," and "Mission Impossible" (eleven episodes).

From 1966 to 1976, Jack founded and ran his own theater and drama school, propelling such young performers as Barry Levinson, Craig T.Nelson, Barbara Parkins and Don Johnson on their way to stellar careers.

In 1977, Jack became ill, unable to work in his beloved field of acting. He did have enough energy to go to college, at the age of 49 and, ten years later, emerged as a licensed psychotherapist.

Jack knew som
eday he would return to his first love, acting. It happened in 1991. Out of the business for 14 years, Jack, with brilliantly shining white hair and enriching valleys in his face, had to start all over again.

Back to the boards (theater) was the logical move. Then, in 1995, he began again to work in films and TV. At the time of this writing, years later, he has played feature co-starring roles in six feature films and on TV shows such as "Baywatch", four on"Conan the Adventurer" and the soap "Days of Our Lives".

Since 1996, up to the present time, Jack's second career keeps accelerating, assaying starring and co-starring roles in such television shows as "The District," "Strong Medicine," "Prime Time Glick," "Madison Heights," "Shasta McNasty," "The Tonight Show"(recurring as a sketch performer), "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," "Unsolved Mysteries," and most recently, as of his writing (January,'02) "Malcolm In The Middle," and "Roswell."

He is presently cast in leading roles in two horror films, "Demon Under Glass," a very classy vampire movie written and produced by the makers of "The Privateers" sci-fi series which was delayed by the 9/11 terror events, but  look for it in 2002! and "Exorcism," the movie (you can check it out at ). Indeed, Jack is back to stay in your entertainment lives, bigger and better and more grateful than ever.

Samples of Jack's Audio Work 

Sample in MP3 format donner.mp3 (2.1 meg)
Sample in .wav format donner8bit11k.wav (1.5 meg)

FILMS (Link to IMDB)

Demon Under Glass

Stigmata  supporting "Father Alemeida" Spirit of the film. directed by ...Ruppert Wainwright Starring Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byme
The Second Coming - Lead "Reverent John" (modern John the Baptist)
Cool Air- Thriller, Lead "Dr. Munoz" directed & written by Brian Moore
Chosen One-supporting role. directed by David Fiorello
1999 Broken Vows - Featured Role directed by Bill Reed
...starring Olivia Hussey, Ed Asner, and Don Murray.
The Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie (2000 release)- w/ ...Robert Deniro
Puppetmaster-Retro Lead "Afzel the Sorcerer"
Family Tree
Stigmata "Father Alemeida" Spirit of the film.
The War is Over
The Emmisary
Operation Dalmation
Johnny Mystro:Wizard
East Meets West
Sweet November
All American Boy
The American Dream
A very Special Favor
Belle Star
Escape From Hell Island


Malcom In The Middle
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The District
Stron Medicine
Prime Time Glick
The Tonight Show
Shasta McNasty
Madison Heights 
Unsolved Mysteries

The Privateers (pilot) Lead, with Walter Koenig and Carl Urban
Good vs. Evil
Chicken Soup For The Soul

General Hospital

Conan the Adventurer (guest lead)
Mad TV (guest star)
Days of Our Lives (recurring)
Baywatch "Liquid Assets"
Orisis Chronicles
Mission Impossible
Star Trek "The Enterprise Incident"
Police Story
Name of the Game
General Hospital
Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Death Valley Days
Streets of San Francisco

Plus approximatly 70 others including Get Smart, My Favorite Martian, Line-Up, Manhunter, Store From Lawyers, Farraday & Son, The Flying Nun, Profiles In Courage, I Dream of Jeannie, The Donna Reed Show, Day In Court, Man Against the Sea, Name of the Game and Divorce Court.

Live Television
Robert Montgomery Presents
Armstrong Circle Theatre
Several Daytime Dramas.

Appeared in a score of L.A. and New York Productions including the universally acclaimed "Oedipus Rex"(starred), "The Four Poster"(starred), "Prelude to a Kiss" at Beverly Hills Playhouse (1996) and "Pursuing Beverly" at the Fountain Theatre (1997)

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